Appetizers Vegetarian

Appetizers Vegetarian

1. Vegetable Pakora

Fresh vegetables dipped in a delicately spiced batter & fried to golden perfection .... $5.00

2. Aloo Tikki

Mildly spiced minced deep fried potatoes with a touch of herbs .... $4.00

3. Vegetable Samosas

Crispy fried turnover deliciously filled with mildly spiced potatoes & green peas .... $4.00

4. Cauliflower Manuchuriuan

Cauliflower Manchurian is a tantalizing Indian appetizer made from cauliflower .... $7.00

5. Special Papri Chatt

A tangy sweet blend of chick peas, potatoes, papadies, a touch of choley, fresh yogurt and Indian black salt served chilled .... $5.00

6. Special Aloo Tikki or Samosa

Mildly spiced deep fried crisp pastries served with a topping of choley .... $6.00

7. Chili Paneer

Marinated paneer cubes deep fried and cooked with red chillies, onions, and tomato sauce .... $7.00

8. Chili Cauliflower

Marinated Cauliflower deep fried and cooked with red chillies, onions, and tomato chili sauce .... $7.00

9. Panner 65

Spicy yet irresistibly delicious snack prepared by deep frying spicy paste coated paneer strips .... $6.00

10. Sabz Kebab

Mildly marinated mixed vegetables Indian cheese, fresh coriander, mint, ginger with sprouts salad .... $7.00

11. Bharta Bruschetta

Fired roasted egg plant delicately spiced served with Naan bread .... $6.00

12. Kathi Roll

Panner strips delicately marinated, hot onions, bell peppers, tomatoes wrapped in special - tandoor flat bread .... $6.00

13. Vegetable Platter

A combination of Samosas, Pakoras, Tikki and onion baji .... $8.00

14. Bhatura/Poori Thali

Two deep fried puffs light breads with choley, pickle, yogurt and salad .... $8.00